How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer?

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives, and it goes by so quickly as someone pressed the fast forward button on it. Months and months of preparation for that one day, and that is it. But there is one thing that lasts - pictures. Along with prom, graduation, birthdays, and so on, the wedding day is one of those few events in life when we just have to have that perfect picture. That is how the search for the best wedding photographer became as important as finding the right dress.

5 Rules for Finding the Best Wedding Photographer

This certainly is not a task you want to handover to some amateur or someone whose ideas don't match your preferences and wedding aesthetics. Therefore, we curated this brief guide to show you how to find a photographer in charge of this important task.

#1. Research Its Portfolio

Nowadays, every professional has an online portfolio and social media pages. There you can check its previous work and see the style, scenography, angles, colours, and everything else that should help you narrow down your options. Also, check reviews and comments on their social media pages, there you'll find genuine testimonials.

#2. Know Your Budget

Professional photographers are expensive. So make sure to determine a budget and find a suitable package. Most photographers offer their services in several bundles, so opt for the one that is not going to break the bank. But keep in mind that this is an investment in your memories.

#3. Find Your Style

After browsing through several portfolios, you now probably have the idea of what kind of style you're looking for. Do you want those perfect spontaneous pics? Small moments caught on camera, emotions, laughs, creative and goofy group photos, black and white portraits, etc.? Once you opt for a certain style, go for a photographer who's already done it. Don't let someone experiment for the first time at your wedding.

#4. Know Your Venue

It is always convenient if your photographer already photographed a wedding or two at the same venue because they'll know how to find the best angles, etc. But you should also know your venue and its style very well. Is it going to be an outdoor wedding, boho, romantic, disco night, or a traditional setup? You have to have a vision of it all, and then find someone who's work fits perfectly.

#5. Schedule an Engagement Shot as a Trial

A lot of people also like to do engagement photo shootings, which is probably the best opportunity to test your photographer's skills. Recommendations from friends and family are great, but you can never know will it work for you. That is why this is a great way to test everything and still have enough time to find a new photographer, in case you're not satisfied.

Say "Yes" to the Camera

It can be hard to settle for one photographer when there are so many good ones, we know. This is not something you'll do again (hopefully), so every moment caught on camera has to be perfect. The last thing you can do is to meet photographers in person and see if your energies and vibes match, that is the best way to see who is on the same page with you.